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Auto Invest

The Auto Invest setting will allow you to plan in advance the management of your savings, automating and planning the investments you intend to make in the projects in our Marketplace.
By activating the "Auto Invest" option, you will be able to invest a certain amount of money (e.g. €100) in a specific type of project (e.g. Amortising| 6 to 18 months| rating A, B, C|TAN 8% - 9%) in a completely automated way.
This means that if you plan to invest a certain amount of money (e.g. €100) exclusively in projects with certain characteristics (e.g. Amortising| 6 to 18 months| rating A, B, C|TAN 8% - 9%), your investment will be made automatically when you open it, whenever such a project is published on EvenFi's Marketplace.
The success of the Auto Invest option will depend on there being liquidity in your EvenFi account. Consequently, if you do not have more than the minimum amount of money in your account for the project (usually €20) Auto Invest will not be activated.
In case there is more than one project in the EvenFi marketplace that falls within the parameters you selected, Auto Invest will tend to automatically diversify your investment according to the filters you set. In fact, if there are two projects with the characteristics you have selected (e.g. Amortising| 12 months| rating A|TAN 9%), your investment will be divided as equally as possible. For example, if you have more than €200 available in your account and you have decided to invest €100 in all the projects with those characteristics, Auto Invest will tend to divide the capital equally, investing €100 in each of the two projects.

To activate Auto Invest, click on "Auto Invest" at the top of the screen, at this point you will have to set the parameters you prefer.

To verify that auto invest is active on a specific project, just go to the "invest" section, click on the project in question and check if the "auto invest" checkbox is activated or not. If it is not activated, you can click manually in order to activate it even if it does not meet the chosen criteria.

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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