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Evenfi Dashboard: a tool for investors

Understanding your investment portfolio is crucial. The Dashboard update has been developed with the aim of providing investors with a clear and comprehensive overview of their investments.

Importance of a Comprehensive View

A holistic view of your portfolio allows for a better understanding of how each investment contributes to the overall financial strategy. The Dashboard is designed to offer a detailed and historical overview of investments, enhancing the ability to make data-driven financial decisions.

Dashboard Features

The dashboard displays the status of your investments.
The main update includes the indication of deposits, withdrawals, and "cash at risk."
"Cash at risk" is the difference between the total deposited and withdrawn, representing the actual invested value, which may differ from the value of the ongoing investments.

Portfolio Health Monitoring

The "Portfolio Health" feature allows you to view the current state of investments in the complex context of total investments, taking into account reinvestments and secondary market transactions.

Evolution and Feedback

This update reflects EvenFi's commitment to innovation and transparency. We remain at your disposal for any feedback and suggestions.
How are the numbers calculated?

Cash at risk: total deposited - total withdrawn. Net amount invested in the account, calculated as total deposits minus total withdrawals (deposits - withdrawals). The dashboard data is cumulative (from account opening to the current date and is not filtered by the period selector).

Investment Income: total investment income, including interest and secondary market transactions. Excludes bonuses. Secondary market losses are subtracted.

Active Investments / Total: active investments are those currently held. Total investment is the sum of all assets on which investments have been made, both as investments and secondary market purchases. Each asset is counted only once.

Total Invested Amount: sum of all realized investments, including secondary market purchases.
Remaining Capital: sum of the remaining capital of ongoing investments.

Repaid / Sold: sum of amounts repaid for projects and, if applicable, amounts for projects sold on the secondary market.

The percentages in the Portfolio Health section are calculated on the total and are relative to the displayed data.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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