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EvenFi Projects Covered by Suretyships: Protection for Investors


EvenFi offers investment opportunities in various projects. To provide greater protection for investors, some projects published on the platform are covered by suretyships. In this article, we will explain what suretyships are in EvenFi projects and how they can come in various types, offering increased coverage in case of default. Keep in mind that the presence of a suretyship does not ensure 100% the repayment capital, but provides added security for investors.

###### Suretyships in EvenFi Projects:
A suretyships is a commitment taken by a third party, ensuring the payment of a debt or an obligation in case the primary debtor fails to fulfill their obligations. In EvenFi projects covered by suretyships, several types of guarantees can be present, including:

**1. Director's Suretyship:** In this case, the company's director is personally committed to guaranteeing the repayment of the debt if the company defaults.

**2. Shareholders' Suretyship:** Similar to the director's suretyship, here, the company's shareholders guarantee the repayment of the debt.

**3. Real Estate Suretyship:** In this situation, a property is offered as collateral. The property serves as collateral and, in case of default by the company, can be sold to repay investors.

**Recommendations for Investors:**

It is important to remember that, while offering increased protection, suretyships do not ensure 100% of the repayment of capital. Investors must still carefully evaluate the company's balance sheets and documents provided and invest cautiously. Also, in the case that the suretyship is needed for debt repayment, the recovery time for the assets can be lengthy due to bureaucracy.

In conclusion, EvenFi projects covered by suretyships offer additional protection for investors, but it is always crucial to carefully analyze projects and company documents before investing. Remember to invest prudently and responsibly!

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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