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Deposit by cards

To make a deposit by credit card or debit card, once you have logged in, click on "deposit".

Select "credit card".
Enter "card number", "expiry date" and "cvv".
Select "add card"

Please note: prepaid cards are also accepted. For amounts over €50, the card must be 3DS-enabled.
Cards issued by Poste Italiane and Ing Direct do not allow card deposits due to problems beyond our control.
To resolve the situation we recommend using a different card (that is not issued by Poste Italiane or Ing Direct) or proceed by bank transfer; as regards the deposit by bank transfer all banks are accepted (including Ing Direct and Poste Italiane).

There are no fees for depositing by card.

Click at the top left on "Dashboard", "deposit", "credit card".

Fill in your credit card details.


Updated on: 21/01/2022

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