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Dynamic Loan: what is it?

As you can see, we have implemented dynamic lending. The dynamism of this type of loan is due to three factors:
the capital is repaid by the companies (borrowers) dynamically according to their turnover (no predetermined repayment schedule);
the only cost for the company (return for the investors) is a pre-determined fixed value (no annual interest rate) which is also paid dynamically as the principal is repaid;
the dynamic loan has a final maturity where, if the monthly repayments have not been sufficient to repay capital + fees, the full amount due will be repaid by the financed company.
The return for investors will therefore be proportional to the company's income: you will start from an agreed fixed minimum and this can be increased according to your performance. By how much? Here's the pleasant surprise: the more promising the growth project in which we have chosen to invest, the higher our return will be.

Updated on: 21/01/2022

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