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Register as company

Must know: In order to register as a company, the legal representative of the company must register by following the steps below:

From the homepage select "register".
Fill in the data of the legal representative of the company: "name", "surname", "email address", "password" and "confirm password"; in addition, check the box below where you "declare to be of legal age, to accept the terms and conditions and to accept the privacy policy". Finally, click on "register".

Follow the instructions sent to the email you entered during registration.

Once you have logged in with the data used during registration, you will need to verify your profile by verifying your mobile phone number and filling in the "profile", "address" and "identity" fields.

Mobile phone number verification: you will need to enter the area code (+39 for Italy) and your mobile phone number; then click on "send verification code". You will receive a code via sms on your mobile phone which you have to enter on the EvenFi website.

In the "profile" field you will be asked to "register as" "company"; then complete the company data such as "full name of the company", "the company's tax code", "the nationality of the legal representative" and "the date of birth of the legal representative".

In the "address" field enter the address of the company's registered office.

In the "documents" field proceed to upload a document of the legal representative (refer to the "send documents" section of the helpdesk).

The documents will have to be validated by the team (usually in less than 24 hours).

Updated on: 21/01/2022

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