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Sending documents

You will have to send us your identity documents to complete the profile check.

Documents accepted

Paper identity card
Electronic identity card
Driving licence

Documents NOT accepted

Black and white photographs
Multiple documents: e.g. photos with ID card and tax code in the same photo are not accepted. The tax code is not required for validation.
Blurred photographs
Unreadable documents: all the writing on the document must be clearly visible. In particular, make sure that you do not cover any part of the document with your fingers.
Expired documents

Both photographs and scans are accepted, but always in colour.

How to photograph documents

Documents must be photographed front and back in their entirety, ensuring that the document is visible in all its parts.
The information in the document should be legible and clear.
Make sure you do not use a flash and that you are in a bright environment.
Do not insert watermarks or hide parts of the document.

Do not insert watermarks or hide parts of the document.

Validation times

Passport or electronic identity card: normally within a few minutes
Driving licence or paper identity card: within 24/48 hours

How to send documents

Website: click on your name at the top right, select View Profile and then Identity.
Support chat: select the chat icon at the bottom right of the website. Once the chat has opened, click on the + symbol at the bottom right and select the photographs of the documents. Our support team will take care of the rest.
WhatsApp: you can send the photos via a whatsapp message to +393517400700, also specify the email you registered with.
Mail: send an email with the attached documents to

Updated on: 21/01/2022

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